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Case Study: ARCON | UBA and a leading IPR firm

Case Study: ARCON | UBA and a leading IPR firm

ARCON | User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) is an indispensable security component for any modern-day organization. Firstly, there is a wide variety of enterprise use-cases where it is crucial to have robust analytics around end-user behaviour. Absence of end-user monitoring and behaviour analytics can increase the IT attack vector. Malicious insider threats multiply in the absence of end-user behaviour monitoring and analytics.

Secondly, more and more businesses and organizations are switching to a hybrid work culture due to challenges arising from the pandemic. End-users access systems anytime and from anywhere. Business productivity can go down if the end-users deviate from mandated IT tasks.

User Behaviour Analytics solution enables security and risk assessment team to configure baseline policies. It helps in detecting anomalous end-user behaviour patterns.

Additional benefits arising from a robust UBA solution like ARCON | User Behaviour Analytics is that it easily integrates with ARCON | Privileged Access Management. Predicting anomalies around privileged identities and mitigating potential data breach threats becomes easy when ARCON | UBA integrates with ARCON | PAM.

Recently, ARCON | User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) solution enabled an IPR law firm to enhance the end-user productivity and monitoring.

Being in the industry that demands utmost confidentiality of data along with prompt and quality service assurance, our client required a robust solution to secure data and improve the end-user’s productivity.

Download this case study to learn how ARCON | UBA helped its client to:

  • Enhance end-users’ productivity
  • keep a check on which end-user is working for how many hours a day
  • Ensure seamless monitoring of end-users’ activities on the target system
  • Analyze Risky) Behaviour patterns

Download the case study:

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