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The Corporate Story of ARCON

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ARCON is a leading information risk-management solutions provider specialized in Privileged Access Management and Continuous Risk Predictive solutions. Information is the cornerstone of success for any business today. Enterprises face the risk of critical information abuse by malicious insiders as well as from advanced and organized cybercriminals. Therefore, predicting risks in the IT ecosystem is critical to nip the threat in the bud. ARCON is recognized for its risk predictive capability. With the three founding principles – Predict, Protect and Prevent, ARCON understands the pain points from the Administrators to the CIOs and the risks faced by them every day. Whatever we build or innovate; the risk-predictive element is a part of our DNA.

UBA: ARCON | User Behaviour Analytics is a robust solution that helps in monitoring and assessing end-user behavioral profiles and triggers real-time alerts when an end-user deviates from configured baseline activities. In essence, the solution allows end-users to do what they want but it will monitor, assess, analyze and take action to keep suspicious behavioral profiles in check.

PAM: ARCON | Privileged Access Management is a highly effective solution that helps in managing, controlling and monitoring privileged user activities. The solution provides the IT security team with a centralized policy framework to authorize and govern the privileged users based on their roles and responsibilities. It offers rule and role-based restricted access to target systems to ensure all accesses are made strictly on a ‘need-to-know’ and ‘need-to-do’ basis.

SCM: ARCON | Security Compliance Management enables to prioritize security and compliance efforts based on risk level, enterprise-wide. The tool helps in continuous risk assessment for critical technology platforms. It governs, assesses, responds, monitors and optimizes Information Risk Management.

EPM: ARCON | Endpoint Privilege Management reinforces protection for endpoints through a rule-based restrictive privileged elevation to critical applications. It fosters the best privilege endpoint practices in an enterprise IT environment. An end user’s access to business-critical application is subjected to risk-based assessments of individual behavioral profiles. It even ensures that an end-user privilege to any application is instantly revoked after the task is completed.

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