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Contextual authentication is gaining more and more prominence in the overall cyber threat and IT frauds prevention landscape.
Why Contextual Authentication?

Contextual authentication is gaining more and more prominence in the overall cyber threat and IT frauds prevention landscape. The risk stemming from IT fraudsters needs attention as the ‘bad actors’ often outsmart ‘good actors’ in the cyber warfare. The bad actors have an uncanny knack to deceive the security controls in place. Although organizations and businesses invest billions of dollars in cyber threat preventive measures, the attack vector is always wide open. The IT loopholes make organizations vulnerable. One simple explanation is that cyber defense lags many years behind cyber-attack. Case in Point: Fraudsters attempt to trick facial-recognition authentication systems [...]

Posted On | 20-08-2021
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

Privileged Access: Detecting the Blind Spots - Risks to Watch - ARCON
Privileged Access: Detecting the Blind Spots

Managing Privileged Access — is it a simple or complex task? Some readers may say a simple task, while probably many among us would argue that the question itself is vague. Vague in the sense that the privileged access environment is never static. The privileged access environment continuously evolves, so do the complexities associated with managing privileged users. And the higher the complexity, the higher the possibility of having blind spots in the privileged access environment. The privileged access management would fail to produce the desired level of efficacy if these blind spots remain overlooked. Why should your organization invest [...]

Posted On | 28-05-2021
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

Are you monitoring user behavior?

The year 2016 saw some of the biggest cybercrimes of our times. From the Central Bank of Bangladesh getting stolen in a multimillion online fraud to hackers intruding a bitcoin exchange and from cyber crook hacking a baby monitor to Mark Zuckerberg falling prey to weak password management—a myriad of incidents brought to the forefront one important issue: that the cyber community and organizations in particular, are not paying enough attention to access identification and authentication along with monitoring user behavior. In one of our previous commentaries, we had identified that organizations amid rising cases of identity thefts and data [...]

Posted On | 10-01-2017
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

Cashless Transactions: Great concept but are we prepared?

On November 8th2016, the government of India, in a very surprising but bold move, announced a very far-reaching decision to void all 500 rupee and 1000 rupee notes in the circulation. The decision is seen as a major crackdown on rampant corruption, hording, money laundering and fake currency rackets. But more importantly, it points towards another major reform in one of the fastest growing emerging economies. The authority wants people to switch to cashless transactions. It wants them to use mobile wallets, online payment gateways, cards and other cashless mode of payments to reduce dependence on cash. A recently published [...]

Posted On | 29-11-2016
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

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