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Alarming Gap in Response to Data Security | ARCON Blog
Alarming Gap in Response to Data Security

A recent study suggests that a good number of Indian organizations are showing a lackadaisical attitude towards data security norms and initiatives. Whether it is personal identifiable data or electronic health records, most of the organizations are lacking cyber risk management strategies that ensure data security. About 60% of Indian organizations surveyed are not sure of Data Security according to a survey which was highlighted recently in the Economic Times as well.    Why are Enterprises at Risk? In the last couple of years, organizations shuffled their policies from ‘work from office’ to ‘work from home’ and then ‘work from [...]

Posted On | 11-03-2022
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

Contextual authentication is gaining more and more prominence in the overall cyber threat and IT frauds prevention landscape.
Why Contextual Authentication?

Contextual authentication is gaining more and more prominence in the overall cyber threat and IT frauds prevention landscape. The risk stemming from IT fraudsters needs attention as the ‘bad actors’ often outsmart ‘good actors’ in the cyber warfare. The bad actors have an uncanny knack to deceive the security controls in place. Although organizations and businesses invest billions of dollars in cyber threat preventive measures, the attack vector is always wide open. The IT loopholes make organizations vulnerable. One simple explanation is that cyber defense lags many years behind cyber-attack. Case in Point: Fraudsters attempt to trick facial-recognition authentication systems [...]

Posted On | 20-08-2021
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

Would you still ignore endpoint privilege management?

That critical infrastructure is increasingly eyed by sophisticated cybercriminals and the security posture requires urgent attention to thwart rising targeted attacks was brought to the fore yet again when a water management facility was accessed by a hacker a few days ago. And this incident is still in the news because this one is not a typical data breach attempt. It was more deadly in nature. The hacker had accessed a water management system. This access happened via remote desktop software that was installed on the computer inside the facility. This software allowed authorized end-users to troubleshoot water management systems [...]

Posted On | 19-02-2021
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

Cyber Criminals Target Data, not Industry

Today, data breach incidents have become common news headlines across the globe. A layman’s psychological traits drive the idea of any data breach incident towards financial institutions. According to the trends and our findings, we come across several instances where people estimate the common reason for any breach incident is to take hostage of confidential information, database of any financial organization. However, it is highly essential to realize that data breach incidents are never restricted to the financial industry; instead, today every industry is vulnerable. Every Industry is Vulnerable In today’s time, no industry is safe from data breach threats. [...]

Posted On | 02-08-2019
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

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