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Is your IP Data Secure?

The global pharmaceutical giants are inching closer to find nearly 100% efficacy for covid-19 doses. These vaccines when out in pharmacies will herald a new beginning for the mankind wedged by unprecedented human and financial losses. But as scientists and researchers labor to find that ideal clinical formula, a grave threat is looming in the […]

Why is Zero Trust Network Access desirable?

The Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) framework: ‘Deny access until the trust is established’ has taken a prominent role in today’s IT security landscape. Indeed, challenged by access control complexities arising from remote work culture, the ZTNA framework offers IT security teams with continuous risk and trust assessment at every step of identity authentication. A […]

Privileged Access Management: A Remedy for Data Security

There was a recent data breach incident in one of the global E-commerce giants. Immediately after the news turned epidemic, the management dished out the queries and criticism and claimed that they have fixed the issue in no time. They even informed the customers who are possibly affected by the ‘breach’ incident. However, it is […]

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