Digital Transformation and Pitfalls

Digital Transformation and Pitfalls | Risks To Watch | ARCON

A seamless digital transformation tops any modern organizations’ mid to long-term vision. The benefits are too many. Moving away from legacy business approach to digital business approach enhances business agility and efficiency. The Return on Investments (ROI) might increase as digital technologies enable to market products and services faster at lower costs. Nevertheless, it is […]

How malicious activities around privileged accounts go undetected?

Structuring IT infrastructure in multiple layers of devices and applications brings many benefits. As we discussed earlier, multiple layers of devices allow flexibility in managing vendors and streamlines operations as firm can assign separate teams for overseeing each layer. Likewise, it helps in averting total system breakdown as there is no single point of failure. […]

Rising cyber thefts underscore banks’ fragile online defenses

Typically, a bank’s customers throng in front of its gates when they fear that their hard-earned money might get disappeared due to financial institution’s irregularities. On so many occasions, as recently as the EU debt crisis, we saw vexed faces queuing up in front of banks, concerned over possible insolvency. But in today’s environment, where […]

Cost of a Data Breach: Losing Trust, Reputation & Productivity

Malicious insider yet again played a key role behind a data breach. Last month a well-known British accounting Software firm suffered a security breach after one of its employees got hold of the customer information using an internal login. By gaining unauthorized access to a privileged account, the fraudster in early thirties, compromised the personal details […]

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