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Trust, Insiders and Colossal Damage

Trust, Insiders and Colossal Damage 

“Trust no one, Jim. Especially not in the mainstream;” said Mr. ‘Control’ to Jim in an opening scene of John Le Carre’s ever so popular 1974 British fiction spy novel: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Jim was a part of the British Intelligence Services, code-named ‘Circus’, sent by ‘Control’- head of the ‘Circus’, on a mission […]

Is your organization prepared for a preemptive strike against IT threats?

The world is observing the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October. And the message is loud and clear: adopt best security practices within and outside the IT perimeter. Insider threats, third-party risk management, privacy control, audit and IT regulations among many other urgent IT matters calls for revisiting and establishing cybersecurity policy. The common factor […]

Data Privacy amid rising Insider Threats

One of the largest banks in India became an easy target of malicious insiders. A massive data breach yet again due to lack of confidential data security controls has brought to the forefront an urgent need for robust security solutions like Privileged Access Management. The Incident A popular nationalized bank suffered a security breach causing […]

Privileged Access Management: A Remedy for Data Security

There was a recent data breach incident in one of the global E-commerce giants. Immediately after the news turned epidemic, the management dished out the queries and criticism and claimed that they have fixed the issue in no time. They even informed the customers who are possibly affected by the ‘breach’ incident. However, it is […]

Malicious Insider: Tame your Worry

Historically and traditionally, outsiders pose bigger threats to organizations as far as data security is concerned. However, of late, it has been a subject of debate where many security professionals are of the opinion that insiders pose bigger threats to modern enterprises where security access is breached by exploiting the privileged accounts. Insiders are likely […]

Do you have a security net for Privileged Accounts?

Innovation drives growth, which in turn, requires global enterprises to cultivate IT ecosystems for collating, comprehending, and managing a growing amount of vital information (data) to stay ahead of the competition. That transition, however, multiplies our network of IT resources. As organizations look to gain an edge—critical data, devices, software applications, and systems necessary to […]

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