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Secure Passwords, Save your Digital Assets

Who can forget the infamous data breach incident of one of the popular file hosting service providers where more than 60 million users’ email addresses and passwords got affected? An employee just reused a password at work and that was the mistake. The password was broken through to steal the valuable records of the organization. Password Management plays a very crucial role in securing digital assets of organizations but unfortunately most of the times we find that it is neglected to the core. Adding to the woes, organizations site excuses of difficulties in managing a huge number of passwords in [...]

Posted On | 22-12-2018
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

Role of PAM in meeting Regulatory Compliance

Facebook could face penalties worth in billions under GDPR (General Data Protection Act) compliance act for not following the basic policies. It happened because more than 50 million accounts were compromised due to some negligence from this social media giant. As detected during the end of September, 2018, Facebook unveiled that a particular vulnerability in Facebook’s security code gave access to the perpetrators to steal the accesses. As claimed by Facebook, this vulnerability was comprised of three separate bugs which were reset in the remediation process through the affected user accounts are yet to put a ‘safety’ tag. Similarly, more [...]

Posted On | 03-12-2018
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

How to mitigate misuse of Privileged Accounts

Misuse of privileged accounts is one of the burning threats for enterprises today. The detection process is time-consuming. Even if the organizations try to calculate the amount of loss incurred from these threats, it is never possible to get the exact figures because the overall damage is irrevocable - both financial and reputation-wise. 1. Controlling and monitoring Shared IDs Very often, employees are given special additional privileges to perform “elevated responsibilities” beyond their normal responsibilities. In similar scenarios, organizations normally allow those users to share the common user IDs with other users. It is actually easier for organizations to share [...]

Posted On | 16-11-2018
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

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