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This Massive Information Breach should be an Eye-Opener

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) must have been embarrassed to be in the news of being a victim of data breach. However, the fact is, this “unexpected” incident has reminded the cyber world that there is no organization in the world which is foolproof against cyber-crime. Moreover, it has also brought to the […]

Thefts of Digital Assets are Spiraling

In an increasingly digitized business world,organizations are now measured by their ability to maintain a digital trust among investors, customers, and other stakeholders. As discussed in our previous article ‘Compromised Digital Security Can Break Business Deals’, today’s business stakeholders are not just interested in assessing key performance metrics. They scrutinize a firm by digging deep […]

As Firms Switch To Hybrid IT Environment, Data Security Will Need a Closer Look

Disruptive technologies such as cloud computing offer many advantages to organizations. As the technology allows to store data in cloud service providers’ servers, it helps firms to cut IT-related spending. Indeed, sans cloud-computing technology, most organizations, would bear more costs to deploy a network of devices in their IT ecosystem to store data. In addition, […]

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