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Five Major Pitfalls to Privileged Access due to Remote Work Culture

Protecting data is always one of the most critical issues for any enterprise. Thousands of end-users access critical information on a daily basis. Any malefactor in the IT ecosystem can wreak havoc on enterprise systems. The challenge of safeguarding enterprise data has become all the more grave with the ongoing pandemic resulting in the mobile […]

Remote Access: Top 5 Threats

“Is Remote Access safe?” – the entire IT security community is pondering over this million-dollar question, thanks to the COVID 19 pandemic. In order to have an uninterrupted business process, the IT administrators are mandating employees to work remotely. In this scenario, the organized cybercriminals are creating their wonderland out of this pandemic situation to […]

Two Fatal Mistakes in Privileged Access Management

Overview During this critical hour of COVID-19 pandemic, global organizations are counting on Work From Home strategy to maintain business continuity. Due to this unprecedented situation, most of the organizations couldn’t get enough time to evaluate their security of IT infrastructure before allowing employees to work as remote users. Even the organizations that were already […]

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