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Four Key pillars for a sturdy IT infrastructure

Watch this video to learn how ARCON’s robust stack of products help to build a secure IT architecture.


It is always a challenging task to ensure a resilient IT infrastructure. Malicious IT elements are always on the lookout for IT security loopholes to target confidential information.

A data breach incident can wreak havoc on organizations both financially and reputation wise.

The most dreadful threats that can shake the foundations of IT infrastructure are:

  • Compromised Insiders
  • Suspicious Third-parties
  • Organized cyber-criminals

A single privileged password compromise or a credential abuse, or misuse of a shared privileged account, among other threats like inadequate or lack of policy enforcements could seriously damage the IT foundation of any organization.

ARCON provides a comprehensive solution to address these critical threats and ensures that both the foundation and the IT infrastructure of your organization is strong and reliable.

ARCON’s four IT security pillars help organizations to build a solid security cordon in an IT ecosystem.

Our robust stack of solutions:

  • Ensures granular level access control security
  • Offers user authentication in multiple layers
  • Establishes end-user trust with AI/ML algorithms
  • Ensures just-in-time privileges for all critical systems/ endpoints

Watch this video to learn more on how ARCON | PAM helps organizations to enhance IT visibility and automation whilst ensuring a sturdy IT infrastructure.

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