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Top 5 Tips for Endpoint Governance

Watch this video to know how implementing robust endpoint security practices reduce IT incidents.

A sudden surge in remote work environments and growing sophistication of endpoint attacks necessitates a serious need to protect endpoints. Today, about one-third of cyber incidents happen due to endpoint vulnerabilities. A robust endpoint security management can ensure a unified approach to manage and secure endpoint devices and ensure IT governance.

This video highlights the top 5 tips for endpoint governance.

  • Detailed Mapping of the enterprise IT environment helps the IT security team to prepare and configure baseline security policies and identify vulnerable endpoints.
  • A stringent role-based granular-level access control along with robust Multi-factor Authentication tool ensures endpoint governance.
  • Just-in-time (JIT) Privileges is a highly essential IT security practice today as excessive privileges increase data breach vulnerabilities as the number of unmonitored standing privileges increase when there are too many privileges. Controlled and requirement-based elevation to the critical applications using JIT principle minimizes the threat vector.
  • Suspicious and risky applications running in the enterprise network need to be blacklisted to keep endpoint security threats at bay.
  • Lastly, adequate, regular and relevant educational and informative training sessions with the enterprise workforce eradicate chances of malicious activities in the enterprise network.


This video helps you to understand how cybercriminals fool and target vulnerable end-users to compromise business-critical IT assets and how the above tips ensure strong endpoint governance.