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Why Protecting Digital Identity is at the core of Cyber Security?

Watch this video to know how ARCON helps the enterprise IT security team to protect business-critical information.

The complexity of the IT environment is rising every day. Enterprises today experience continuous and uncontrolled expansion of digital environments. Cloud computing, SaaS-based applications, DevOps Engineering, On-Prem & distributed data centers, have made IT expansion more complex and riskier than ever.

Moreover, inside the IT environment, there are multiple platforms including endpoints, operating systems, databases, applications, servers, network devices et al. As the IT infrastructure of enterprises expand so do are identities that are created to provide access to these digital platforms for performing day-to-day IT operations.

If these increasing numbers of identities are not governed, monitored, secured and audited, then the threat surface expands resulting in data breach incidents, identity thefts and compromise of privileged credentials. Thus, continuous monitoring and protecting the digital identities from cyber anomalies is the only way-out for a secured IT environment. A robust privileged access management (PAM) solution safeguards digital identities by authorizing and authenticating and auditing the identities for every access to any platform or IT environemnt as mentioned above. It mitigates unexpected cyber incident that could hinder IT operations.

Watch this video to know more how ARCON | PAM helps to monitor and govern digital identities with a robust unified governance.

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