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ARCON among 10 most recommended Telecom Solutions Providers 2020

The Telecom industry has recently witnessed a global revolution in terms of demand, advanced technologies, business models and economy. Most of the global organizations are trying to upgrade their technology towards enhanced broadband and fast data distribution. Technologies like 5G wireless network, IoT integrations, cloud computing services, data centers, OTT etc. are the latest attributions in the Telecom industry. However, the advent of modern technologies has also given rise to the vulnerabilities and complexities related to access control mechanisms. The complexities of the advanced technologies have expanded enormous IT security risks.

ARCON among 10 most recommended Telecom Solutions Providers 2020

In this backdrop, the World Department of Telecommunication and the Telecom regulators have issued mandatory security guidelines. Hefty penalties have also been imposed if there are violations of the issued guidelines. The top telco organizations are leaving no stones unturned to ensure end-to-end data encryption including sensitive details like customer information, client records, business contracts, financial history, revenue forecast etc. ARCON Tech Solutions, being the pioneer of risk control solutions, has been in the headlines of cybersecurity vendors who are offering robust security to multiple telcos, among whom two are the global giants. ARCON | Privileged Access Management (PAM) – the flagship solution of ARCON assures a comprehensive enterprise-class security shield that predicts, protects and prevents risks across the network periphery.

Observing the current market trends, the coveted and distinguished panel of CIO Insider has enlisted ARCON as one of the “10 most recommended Telecom Solutions Providers 2020”. The panel comprised of CIOs, CEOs, VCs, Analysts and top editorial teams, has voiced their opinion that ARCON is one of the companies that is “committed in offering the most reliable and high-speed telecom solutions, helping businesses and customers achieve their long term goals.”


Headquartered in Mumbai, India, the Chief Mentor of ARCON, Mr. Anil Bhandari, said in this regard, “It has been a privilege to stand among the front-liners of this prestigious list of CIO Insider.” In his exclusive interview by CIO Insider, Mr. Bhandari has clearly explained how the company devised a robust risk-control solution designed to mitigate sophisticated cyber threats. He stated, “ARCON | PAM is a comprehensive solution that allows to integrate all elements with a single command and console, helping to build a centralized governing framework.” He also added, “ARCON believes that Data will be the new frontier to guard, and the conventional device-based security will be a passé. ARCON has invested millions in R&D and is likely to launch several new initiatives this year to help its goal in PREDICT | PROTECT | PREVENT. In the short run, ARCON is likely to improvise its AI/ ML model to support the User Behavior Analytics to help organizations build a layer of active defense.”

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