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Why the Converged Identity Approach is Extremely Important for Implementing the Zero Trust Framework

Distributed IT environments, siloed IAM approaches, and IT challenges  In the backdrop of fast-paced digital transformations, driven by adoption of cloud-based technologies, global organizations are witnessing massive digital identity sprawls spread across hybrid environments. This has increased the identity attack vector. Whether human or machine identity, IT operations and infrastructure teams have a huge task […]

ServiceNow: ARCON | PAM’s New Capability to Strengthen Credential Vaulting

Overview Being the flagship product of ARCON, Privileged Access Management (PAM) is evolving continuously in terms of new features and functionalities. Recently ARCON | PAM has introduced ServiceNow feature that allows the administrators to raise and track IT service requests. It is a new step to build credential vault (either internal or external) for the […]

Why do Organizations Find Immense Benefits in Implementing the ARCON Converged Identity Platform?

The context Higher productivity, efficiency and agility are of prime importance for global organizations today. And to attain these goals, IT infrastructure and operations teams are transforming their IT environments by embracing cloud-based technologies or adopting multi-cloud environments and even hybrid IT setups.  In broader perspective, global organizations are developing IT infrastructure that is easily […]

How does ARCON Privileged Session Monitoring Capabilities Help to Navigate 3 Critical Use Cases

The Context The privileged access attack vector is very large, and it is extremely crucial for risk leaders to architect the privileged access management (PAM) in such a way that ensures minimum chances of exploitation.  Privileged Session Monitoring, one of the critical functionalities in privileged access management, manages privileged user sessions. It provides tight controls […]

Privileged Access Management: Enforcing Least Privileges with Just-in-Time Access Approach

The Context Privileged accounts are the ‘keys’ to enterprises’ highly sensitive and confidential information. These accounts are the crown jewels. Is it safe to keep the ‘keys’ accessible 24 hours a day to these crown jewels? Not really; however, organizations frequently make the mistake of allowing ‘always on’ privileged access to critical systems. As a […]

The Dire Need for Contextual Data-Centric Security

The Context Data is omnipresent and today’s organizations find it particularly challenging to effectively manage the large volumes of data generated, accumulated, and stored in distinct data repositories. IT risk management and operations team do require transparent, and systematic categorization and classification of the data to ensure proper segregation of the data leading to formulation […]

3 Incidents that Could Have Been Averted with ARCON | EPM

A holistic endpoint security management is an absolute must for data-centric security. It helps to maintain a firm grip on sensitive data. In our previous blog, we recommended some of the best practices in endpoint security. In this blog, we have highlighted what could happen if organizations show lackadaisical attitude towards endpoint security. Three infamous […]

10 Recommendations for Robust Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security: Overview  Vulnerable endpoints can lead to serious IT incidents. Protecting endpoints with adequate security controls is of paramount importance to avert breaches and insider attacks.  While organizations have several security measures in place to secure their servers and data centers, the endpoints unfortunately do not receive as much attention as they should be. […]

3 Distinct Use Case Challenges Addressed by ARCON Cloud Access Governance

Overview Rapid adoption of dynamic multi-cloud environments is making cloud infrastructure and entitlement management extremely complex. With every new addition of cloud technologies and services, organizations are witnessing a growing number of users, their privileges and corresponding services. This continuous process is resulting in the emergence of new and unique use case challenges. If these […]

Securing High-Velocity Cloud Workloads with ARCON’s Digital Vault

Overview: Secrets Management Cloud-dominated architectures are ubiquitous as more organizations are seeking to reap benefits from cloud-based technologies. Agility and flexibility are the critical elements offered by cloud-based technologies even as they offer developers the ability to run applications and tools quickly and dynamically, necessary to keep up with the pace of market requirements.  And […]

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