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Securing High-Velocity Cloud Workloads with ARCON’s Digital Vault

Overview: Secrets Management Cloud-dominated architectures are ubiquitous as more organizations are seeking to reap benefits from cloud-based technologies. Agility and flexibility are the critical elements offered by cloud-based technologies even as they offer developers the ability to run applications and tools quickly and dynamically, necessary to keep up with the pace of market requirements.  And […]

ARCON – Cyber Insurance

Considering the amount of data containing confidential or sensitive information that businesses store digitally, cyber liability insurance becomes more and more important every day. This kind of insurance is necessary not only for protecting businesses from data breaches but also for remaining compliant with all relevant legal and industry-specific regulations. From global standards set by […]

Implementing Identity-first Security is Foundational for Robust Cybersecurity Framework

Why Identity-first security? The sheer pace at which digital identities are being created to manage an increasing amount of computing resources both on-premises and in the cloud environments- make identity-first security of paramount importance. Several catastrophic IT incidents happen when the security fabric for distributed digital identities lack identity-centric controls.  While organizations deploy IAM and […]

5 Essentials to Implement ARCON | My Vault

The Context The security and confidentiality of business information not just depends on who all have access to that information, but also –  There was a time when organizations used to manage a huge pile of hard copies consisting of confidential information in secret drawers or iron lockers. To maintain confidentiality, these drawers used to […]

The Five Key Components to Build an Identity Fabric

Overview: Evolving IAM functional needs and the importance of identity fabric The requirements for having a holistic Identity and Access Management (IAM) approach have increased significantly in the recent past. Decentralized IT setups with distinct human and non-human digital identities, zero trust adoption, and the proliferation of SaaS applications and multi-cloud environments as well as […]

Large Scale Layoffs, Identity-based threats, and Converged IAM approach

Overview: The Layoffs and Underlying Risks The first quarter of 2023 witnessed large scale layoffs in the technology domain across the globe. More than three hundred thousand people were handed over pink slips. And there can be few more numbers that may be unaccounted for as such massive layoffs lead to “domino” effect. Such incidents […]

Identity Fabric: The Foundation of Secure Digital Transformation

Overview: Identity Fabric  Digital transformation is ubiquitous. Fundamentally, it has changed the IT paradigm.  In terms of security as well. Digital transformation demands carefully architected identity management practice, which is composed of people, policies and procedures. Indeed, these identities have taken the center stage of this transformation. Identities constantly interact with applications, secrets, information of […]

Converged Identity: The Future of Cybersecurity

Discover how converged identity solutions will revolutionize the cybersecurity landscape in the digital age. Introduction The digital world has ushered in an era of unprecedented connectivity, convenience, and innovation. However, it has also created an ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats. As more devices, applications, and services become intertwined, a robust, unified approach to identity management […]

National Cybersecurity Strategy: How a reinforced IAM program can improve the security posture

What is the National Cybersecurity Strategy? In March 2023, the US Government released the highly anticipated National Cybersecurity Strategy (NCS) report. This report requires that government organizations and private companies build robust cyber defense strategies amid the rising cyber threats. This NCS comprises of five key pillars to make the digital ecosystem more defensive, effective, […]

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) for ensuring Security and Compliance

The Context Today’s enterprise IT infrastructure is so large and ever-expanding that managing it effectively becomes a challenge. And any sort of malicious or unauthorized IT activity on systems and configuration files, if left unchecked, can have dangerous consequences. What is File Integrity Monitoring? File Integrating Monitoring (FIM) is part of a broader Information Security […]

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