Banyan Tree and Privileged Accounts: Tales of two uncontrolled expansions

Have you ever heard about 250 years old ‘The Great Banyan Tree’, in the AJC Bose Botanical Garden, Kolkata, India? The vastness of the tree is almost the size of a Manhattan city block with 80 ft high and an area of 14,500 square ft. The number of roots and prop-roots of this banyan tree has surpassed 3600 and it has been a real botanical wonder since ages.

The growth of a banyan tree never depends on the changing weather. The number of prop-roots of a banyan tree keeps on increasing to meet the demand for adequate nutrition and so are its branches. This growth is uncontrollable and is surprisingly similar to the growing IT infrastructure of a modern-day organization, where the number of privileged accounts and the types of privileged accounts are ever-expanding.

Both banyan tree and privileged accounts are vulnerable to human greed
A rising human intervention majorly due to greed and callousness disrupts natural habitat. Deforestation not just affects banyan trees, but any tree in the world of flora. However, the prop roots of a banyan tree are always targeted more by axes because of the quality of wood from a single tree. In a similar way, the escalating number of malicious insiders, unauthorized third party users and organized cybercriminals target privileged accounts. These suspicious actors compromise privileged credentials to access critical systems and breach confidential business information. This way the organizations face continuous threats of heavy financial losses, data loss and reputation damage.

Privileged Access Management – An Overview

Only human awareness, preventive measures, consciousness and realization of the adverse effects of deforestation can save banyan trees from being extinct. A tree itself doesn’t have any control over this probable destruction since humans are a greedy lot.

Likewise, unpredictable activities in the enterprise IT infrastructure can be controlled by preventive IT security measures with the help of Privileged Access Management (PAM) and User Behaviour Analytics (UBA). Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution offers seamless monitoring of the privileged activities in the network and ensures a rule and role-based access control policy to keep unauthorized users at bay. Similarly, User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) helps in building up a robust detection mechanism in the IT infrastructure where suspicious user profiles are notified to the IT administrators, which allows nip the threat in the bud arising out of malicious insiders.


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