An Insight on Cyber Threat Intelligence

An Insight on Cyber Threat Intelligence

What is Cyber Threat Intelligence?

“Knowledge is power”-who is not aware of this universal truth? Not just in personal upbringing, but also in cybersecurity, knowledge is the master key to enrich ourselves. The ability to observe, know and analyze malicious IT/ cyber activities or threat actors encourages security professionals to do more R&D about the IT risks that organizations face.

In order to make that cyber knowledge usable, it requires a dedicated team with visibility of modern cyber security. Once cyber threat information is collected and evaluated from any given IT ecosystem of an organization, it is then analyzed by the cyber experts rigorously to create an environment that adds value to the IT risk assessment. This information is all about cyber threat patterns, extent of IT risks and vulnerable areas of IT security. Cyber Threat Intelligence reduces uncertainty for the stakeholders while seamlessly identifying threats and opportunities.


Cyber threat intelligence: Why is it gaining importance?

Cyber Threat Intelligence helps organizations to accumulate raw data about both emerging and existing cyber threats from different sources. After hair-split analysis of that data, the risk management team produces detailed reports to the management that contain strategic planning to automate and improve IT security control solutions. With this, organizations stay alert from the risks of APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats), zero-day threats and risks arising from malicious intent of the end-users.

The cyber threat intelligence team drives organizations to:

  • Continuously update the volume of cyber threats, including the IT security vulnerabilities, probable targets of exploiting and the number/ pattern of malefactors.
  • Helps organizations to be more proactive about cybersecurity threats rather than reactive in case of any cyber incident
  • Ring the precautionary alert bell for the internal IT team, stakeholders and end-users in the enterprise network to keep informed about the newest threats and the potential repercussions on business continuity


Explore ARCON User Behaviour Analytics

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ARCON | UBA a robust Cyber Threat Intelligence Tool

To address the complex IT security use cases, the Information Security market today is sprawling with cyber threat intelligence tools.

Malicious end-users, however,  pose the biggest cyber threat. ARCON, being an industry leader in threat predictive and analytical tools, has therefore developed User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) solution that comprehends and analyzes the risky IT elements within the periphery by leveraging AI/ML. 

Deploying ARCON | User Behaviour Behaviour (UBA) tool mitigates IT risks arising from suspicious behaviour profiles and anomalous end-user profiles (insider threats). Both as a standalone and add-on solution (when integrated with PAM, this tool helps the IT security team to provide additional visibility on end-user anomalous activities. Moreover, the solution increases end-user productivity by configuring baseline activities. So, when they deviate, the solution raises an alert. 


ARCON | UBA assists IT security team by:

  • Seamless monitoring of every end-user behaviour even in granular level
  • Raising alerts of malicious activity on real-time basis  
  • Providing detailed report of every IT task performed under supervision



Cyber threat intelligence has proved beneficial at every level of IT operations in an organization. The IT community in modern times counts on cyber threat intelligence because the behaviour-based analysis and structural analysis are assessed frequently. Strategically applied cyber threat intelligence can provide better insight into cyber threats and allows smoother, more targeted response to cybersecurity.


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