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VMware Cloud and ARCON | PAM

Yet another example of how ARCON | PAM solution’s unique and highly-scalable architecture helps enterprises to overcome access control and monitoring challenges in a virtualized setup. 

Our client is a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) from The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. The MSP’s entire datacenter environment is hosted on VMware Cloud. Its clientele list includes some of the biggest names both from the private and government sectors. 

About the Implementation

The client’s datacenter architecture was very complex. The entire setup was on VMware Cloud. Therefore, the datacenters of each and every client were being accessed by segregating the same in virtual instances using VMware Tenant. 

Nevertheless, this IT circumstance led to several access control and monitoring complexities.

  • Connectivity was unsecure and unorganized as prior to PAM deployment, many terminal servers were being used to connect with the target devices 
  • No clear privileged access visibility 
  • Lack of session monitoring and no proper audit logs 

Therefore, our client was looking for a highly-scalable solution to navigate access control use-cases in virtualized environments:  The following were the requirements: 

  1. A secure gateway to target systems 
  2. A unified engine that would control and monitor the IT staff accessing clients’ virtualized datacentre instances through VMware Cloud  
  3. Live session monitoring 
  4. Proper audit logs 
  5. Granular level reporting 

Read this case study to learn how ARCON | PAM enables the MSP’s Infosec team to address privileged access challenges in VMware cloud’s virtualized environment.

Download the case study:

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