Disruptive Technologies Have Changed the World but Also Increased Risks

Disruptive technologies such as Internet of Things (IOTs) and cloud computing have created enormous opportunities for global organizations. They have changed the way global corporations conduct business. According to the Australian government, disruptive technologies could generate up to $625 billion through economic activities every year by 2030 in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region alone.

While disruptive technologies create new opportunities they also make IT assets vulnerable. Indeed, with tons of data stored in cloud, organizations risk data breach from malicious outsiders.

Massive data breach incident involving the professional networking giant, LinkedIn is a good example, where hackers took advantage of security gaps of the company by attacking servers deployed on cloud. According to lawsuits, hackers were able to steal LinkedIn users’ personal information by using “botnet”, a highly coordinated computerized network. Hackers manipulated six of the company’s IT security systems deployed for preventing breach of personal data. However, malefactors also took advantage of the data stored in cloud, lawsuits showed. A cloud-service company contracted by LinkedIn to deploy personal data of users got attacked as the user interaction with LinkedIn existed in a less secured environment, allowing cyber-frauds to send requests to LinkedIn servers to pilfer the data.

Technological innovation ushered by IOTs promises amazing possibilities that could make our day-to-day lives more exciting, and efficient. But the technology also comes with risks. As IOTs store plenty of personal information, vulnerability to cyberattacks such as denial-of-service (DOS) kind of assaults remains a big concern. A Washington-based family recently went through a horrible experience. A baby monitor got hacked by a stranger, who sent petrifying messages to a kid, also heard by her mother.

Likewise, your company’s highly classified information is always under threat from identity thefts. Data breach could bring an organization to a standstill and lead to billions of dollars in losses. As highly classified information becomes a key asset in the age of “Big Data” analytics, threats always lurk from malicious insiders, and cyber-frauds. Organizations’ success, in this backdrop, will not just depend upon collecting sizable amount of crucial database but also safeguarding it.

ARCON provides state-of-the-art technology aimed at mitigating information systems related risks thereby enabling organizations to comply with Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) requirements. The company, in particular, is known for its unique Privileged Identity Management / Privileged Access Management solution, which helps deter the misuse of ‘privileged identities’.

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