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Data Security in Distributed Environment with ARCON | PAM

Watch this video to learn how ARCON | PAM provides a centralized governance framework to secure confidential data in a shared IT environment from malicious insiders

In most of the large and mid-scale organizations, data is flowing insecurely through shared and distributed data center environments which invariably exposes them to suspicious third parties, malicious insiders or unauthorized end-users. In order to manage a huge swath of critical data and ensure smooth IT operations in this shared and distributed environment, organizations must ensure robust access control management. However, most organizations become vulnerable to data breach threats from compromised elements due to lack of Privileged Access Management.

In scenarios where organizations have multiple data centers in multiple locations with hundreds or thousands of privileged identities, the threat to misuse data security is enormous. Secondly, it also becomes a herculean task for the IT administrators to manage and control the privileged user activities if there is no rule-based access control policy to monitor them. Any kind of anomalous activity can cripple the entire IT infrastructure following financial and reputation loss. If the privileged account management system has no control over the users and their activities, then definitely the organization requires a robust solution that could prevent the organizations from falling prey to malicious insiders or wily cyber crooks.

ARCON | Privileged Access Management is the best PAM solution that ensures each and every access to critical systems is based on a centralized policy framework. The solution offers a rule and role-based access control to target systems. The solution provides the IT security and risk management team with a host of features such as granular level control, MFA and frequent randomization of privileged passwords to mitigate data breach threats in shared and distributed environments. Watch this exclusive video to learn why ARCON is considered as one of the top privileged access management vendors globally and why the robustness of ARCON | PAM solution is important in a shared and distributed data center environment

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