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How can Privileged Accounts be compromised?

Watch this video to know about the various reasons for compromise of privileged accounts in a typical IT environment

Due to the rising number of privileged accounts amid ever-expanding digital workspace, the incidents of privileged account compromise are increasing. Privileged accounts are always a sweet target of malefactors to gain unauthorized access to critical systems and confidential business information.

Organizations typically pay scant attention to the increasing number of privileged accounts which makes those vulnerable to malicious insiders and suspicious third parties. Urgent requirements force IT administrators to create privileged accounts in an ad hoc manner and they forget to revoke privileged rights after completion of the task. This expands the threat surface and offers ample opportunity to the malicious actors to misuse the privileged rights and eventually put data security at stake.

Creating privileged accounts on an ad hoc basis invariably results in poor password management, inadequate session monitoring, lack of multi-factor authentication mechanism and no granular level user access control. If there is no real-time monitoring of the privileged sessions, then there are chances that the malicious insiders or organized cybercriminals abuse the privileged credentials and get illegal access to confidential databases without the knowledge of the IT administrators.

This video will help you to understand how an enterprise IT infrastructure can become vulnerable to a data breach due to inadequate safeguards around privileged accounts.

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