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Why does your enterprise need ARCON | Privileged Access Management?

Watch this video to learn how ARCON | PAM solution safeguards privileged accounts from being compromised.

Organizations face numerous security challenges to manage and monitor day-to-day privileged tasks. The privileged accounts that are the gateways to most of the confidential business information are very often created in an ad hoc manner resulting in security vulnerabilities. The organization lacks a centralized policy framework to manage the privileged activities and safeguard the confidential data assets from malicious insiders and compromised third parties. The absence of several security practices pushes organizations towards grave risks: Some of the mistakes in managing privileged accounts are as follows:

  • No unified control engine to monitor privileged accounts
  • No monitoring of privileged sessions
  • Absence of  multifactor authentication
  • Absence of Password vaulting
  • No regular audit of privileged activities with a detailed report

A modern IT infrastructure demands a robust role and rule-based privileged access control policy which ensures real-time monitoring of the privileged tasks and sessions. Moreover, the IT security and compliance team requires a robust validation mechanism to safeguard business-critical applications and databases from suspicious activities. ARCON | Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a comprehensive solution that offers all of the above features and meets all the security requirements under one roof. Global enterprises trust ARCON | PAM, a best-in-class solution, to seamlessly manage, monitor and control the lifecycle of privileged accounts.

This video will help you to understand why ARCON | PAM is increasingly essential to safeguard confidential business information for every enterprise.

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