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Monitoring Privileged Access in Managed Service Environment

Check this video to know how ARCON | PAM mitigates data misuse threat in a third-party environment

Modern organizations today prefer to migrate their IT workloads to the cloud environment because it offers scalability, flexibility, and efficiency to the IT workforce. Large and mid-scale organizations are expected to use cloud platforms to manage and secure their confidential data in the coming days in a massive way. Simultaneously, data security has become a big challenge for them because the pattern of cyber threats has become complex in nature. EverGlobal organizations opt for MSP (Managed Service Providers) to ensure uninterrupted business operations. MSP essentially provides operational efficiency as IT workloads can be migrated to third-party without any upfront IT operational expenses. y bit of data managed in a cloud environment possesses continuous threat of compromised third-parties and malicious insiders.

Choosing the correct MSP is always a challenge though from a security point of view. The major IT security challenge with MSP association lies with the uncontrolled and unmonitored privileged access.

With regulatory mandates becoming increasingly stringent as to data integrity, organizations remain concerned with their sensitive and confidential information that are accessed frequently by outsourced third-parties.

ARCON Privileged Access Management offers a robust data security framework. Organizations can route all their privileged access activities through this tool which offers Unified Governance Framework, ensuring secure privileged access to critical information.

Check our video to know how ARCON | PAM ensures operational efficiency and offers robust data security by mitigating risks arising from unmonitored privileged access with the following functionalities:

  • Centralized administration of all privileged activities
  • Session recording and threat analysis
  • Single sign-on access to all underlying devices and ensures administrative efficiency
  • Virtual Grouping and privileged user-based classification on roles/ departments/ groups to ensure operational efficiency
  • Granular Control that restricts and controls critical activities on target devices
  • Mitigation of unauthorized access threats to systems with the help of multi-factor authentication
  • Monitoring of every privileged session, detecting suspicious privileged sessions with real-time alerts
  • Generating comprehensive reports for all privileged sessions to fulfill audit and regulatory requirements via Audit Trails
  • Frequent rotation and randomization of privileged access credentials for all privileged users

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