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Protect Privileged Accounts from targeted attacks with ARCON I PAM

Watch this video to learn how ARCON | PAM protects utility companies from organized cyber attacks

Unauthorized network intrusion very often stems from compromised privileged accounts. Privileged accounts are highly elevated administrative accounts as they permit access to critical systems to perform highly confidential tasks. In this age of digital transformation, the number of privileged accounts is mounting significantly. Typically, in targeted attacks, malicious actors be it insiders or organized cybercriminals try to get hold of privileged credentials to gain access inside critical systems. Once privileged credentials are hijacked or stolen, malefactors start to execute attacks.

For utilities such as power plants, where the entire IT infrastructure manages hundreds of privileged accounts, threats from malicious insiders, compromised third party users and organized cybercriminals are huge. A single incident of any unauthorized privileged access to the target system can disrupt entire IT operations azerond result in a breach of confidential information.

ARCON | Privileged Access Management (PAM) provides the security and risk assessment team to build resilience around critical infrastructure. This robust tool safeguards the inner periphery of the enterprise IT ecosystem by reinforcing privileged access control management which mitigates catastrophic risks.

Some of the key features include:

  • A unified governance framework for all privileged tasks to prevent unauthorized access
  • A robust access control mechanism for every privileged user with fine-grained access to target systems
  • Real-time monitoring of every privileged session in the network
  • Multi-Factor user authentication for every privileged access to ensure authorized access
  • Regular audit of privileged sessions with detailed reports including user details, login details, session duration and accessed database
  • Strong password vault to frequently randomize and change passwords for privileged accounts in a highly secure manner

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Download Whitepaper

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