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Secure Business Critical Applications with ARCON I Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM)

Check this video to know how ARCON | EPM helps enterprises to implement the Zero Trust security framework

The digital workspace is expanding. The number of endpoints is rising exponentially. Endpoint privileges are increasing. Whether the work is done remotely or on-prem, unmanaged and uncontrolled endpoints pose big security threats arising from malicious insiders especially when endpoint privileges are easily available. As critical applications are under consistent threats from misuse or abuse from malicious corporate elements, organizations need to urgently ensure a rule and role based access.

Endpoint privileges should be only granted on the ‘need-to-know’ and ‘need-to-do’ principle. Organizations should ensure that the concept of ‘Least Privilege’ is strictly enforced. However, organizations are giving far too many standing privileges to end users. This expands the attack surface.

With ARCON | Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM) the administrator grants just-in-time privilege to access business critical information. The access right is revoked immediately after the task is accomplished. For example, critical enterprise applications are easily accessible to end-users, even if they are not entitled to access. In such scenarios, just-in-time privilege practice prevents privilege credentials misuse and restricts unauthorized access to critical business applications. There are numerous instances where uncontrolled and unmonitored endpoints have led to data exfiltration and corporate espionage.

ARCON | Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM) bridges the security gap between unmanaged endpoints and IT administrators in an enterprise network. It grants endpoint privileges to authorized users. At the same time, it ensures endpoint security by segmenting users based on their roles and responsibilities. ARCON | EPM helps organizations to build a robust Zero Trust framework with the help of below features:

  • Centralized Policy Enforcement
  • Privileged Elevation on-demand
  • Priority wise profiling
  • Application Security
  • Fine-grained Control
  • Behaviour Analytics
  • Dashboard
  • Audit Trails and Reporting
  • Data Loss Prevention

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