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Just-in-time Privileges

Just-in-time Privileges is quintessential practice in today’s digital workplace. With privileged accounts rising exponentially in the midst of increasing cloud computing, virtualization and DevOps practice, the risk surface has expanded. This happens because managing and controlling privileged activities in distributed environments is always a challenge for the admins. Malicious actors exploit the vulnerabilities arising from unmonitored standing privileges and eventually result in financial and reputation damage. Excessive privileges increase data breach vulnerabilities and put organizations into cyber risks.

Just-In-Time Privilege removes the risks from “Always on” privilege practice, where users remain on privileged rights even after the task is accomplished. This misuse of privileged rights leads to execution of data breach incidents majorly by malicious insiders or unrecognized third party. Too much of liberty to the privileged users can jeopardize the overall objective of secured IT environment. Hence, JIT Privileges, as the foundation of least privilege principle, locks the door for unnecessary high number of privileges and reduces attack surface.


ARCON Just-in-time privileges capability helps enterprises with:

  • Removing standing privileges
  • Denying Privileged Access once the defined privilege task is completed
  • Enhancing administration’s IT experience by reducing time spent on creating AD credentials
  • Building the foundation for Zero Trust framework
  • Implementing of Least Privilege principle


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