Zero Trust, Controlled Privileges and Data

ARCON has always propagated the message of controlling and protecting the inner realm of an organization’s IT network. It builds the foundation for robust cybersecurity.  Whether the cyber-criminal sits outside the realm or is present inside the periphery, typically it is the compromised insider-privy to confidential information- who is behind an insider attack or cyber-espionage. […]

Critical IT Infrastructure: Time to Push the Alert Button

Overview It is not uncommon that critical systems are often targeted by cyber criminals. And we have documented it from time to time. But this time the attack was on toll collection systems.  Indeed, gone are those days when you take out your wallet to pay highway tolls while driving through the city suburbs. Today […]

Strengthen Compliance Framework to Avoid Hefty Regulatory Fines

British Airways has been slapped with a record fine of lump sum £183m for last year’s information breach of 380,000 customers. This aviation giant has already met with an irrevocable reputation damage last year having confessed to a major information breach of thousands of passengers whose name, email address and credit card information (those who […]

Is your enterprise security compliant?

With mandatory GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliances already making its way to protect the personal data and digital assets of late, any kind of non-compliance could cost companies dearly. GDPR Compliance, already effective from May 2018, initiated some concerns from the organizations and expectations of […]

Is your organization GDPR compliant?

The compliance landscape with regard to data security is getting more and more stringent. Come May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into an effect. The regulation would make it mandatory for organizations– doesn’t matter large or small– to protect, store and process data of EU citizens in a secure manner. The regulation […]

Managing Privileged Accounts to fulfill compliance requirements

The legal framework supporting cyber security is becoming increasingly stringent as modern day enterprises turn more digitized. Indeed, while digitization of business boosts operational efficiency, it also brings new advanced cyber risks that can compromise an enterprise’s IT systems, and confidential data. Every year, organizations — big or small– suffer insurmountable losses due to data […]

Online Banking Apps

About a year ago, a high-profile hacking incident at the U.K’s leading telecom operator Talk Talk, brought to the forefront many cyber security challenges faced by telecom companies across the world. The company, which suffered breach of personal and financial details of its 100,000 users– not only had to bear the ire from clients as […]

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