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Managing IT Risks in CSP Environments

The Impending Risk in CSP Environments It is very important for organizations to think, analyze and peruse the IT security factors of a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), which possesses every possible sensitive detail of an organization’s IT resources. Indeed, the cloud managers literally have complete control over the cloud infrastructure, even as the IT security staff has to manage and control not only the cloud console admins but also the various kinds of identities that access a host of applications and development platforms.  Recently, a former engineer from one of the leading CSPs was found guilty of hacking into more [...]

Posted On | 24-06-2022
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

Cloud Services Adoption: Urgent Requirement for Regulatory Guidelines

According to Gartner, worldwide end-user spending on public clouds could reach almost $500 billion in 2022. In addition to the financial benefits (cost effectiveness), cloud computing offers more scalability, flexibility, mobility, and operational efficiency. For various reasons, it is very obvious that storing and analyzing data on the cloud is at the core of digital transformation. And that’s why Indian commercial banks want the regulator, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to lay down a clear set of security and compliance guidelines that would allow Indian banks to adopt cloud computing in a big way.  Grappled with falling margins, accumulating [...]

Posted On | 10-06-2022
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

Reinforcing the IAM Fabric for Digital Innovation

From a wide range of merchant payment providers to peer-to-peer lending platforms, payment gateways have come a long way to remodel the financial services space. Thanks to technological advances, there is a complete transformation of the ways we manage our finances.  Financial innovation has ushered financial inclusion. Indeed, different digital payment modes have not just opened a sea of options in front of us but also eased our lives beyond ATM machines and cash transactions. We have mobile apps to check, update or transfer money through mobile banking. We have e-wallets to ease our payment processes in e-commerce platforms and [...]

Posted On | 27-05-2022
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

Zero Trust, Controlled Privileges and Data

ARCON has always propagated the message of controlling and protecting the inner realm of an organization’s IT network. It builds the foundation for robust cybersecurity.  Whether the cyber-criminal sits outside the realm or is present inside the periphery, typically it is the compromised insider-privy to confidential information- who is behind an insider attack or cyber-espionage. Recently approximately thirty (30) multinational companies faced the wrath of state-sponsored actors. The incident has brought to the forefront yet again the dire need to adopt robust access management methods to prevent the theft and exfiltration of sensitive data.  What exactly happened? A report published [...]

Posted On | 24-05-2022
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

Critical IT Infrastructure: Time to Push the Alert Button

Overview It is not uncommon that critical systems are often targeted by cyber criminals. And we have documented it from time to time. But this time the attack was on toll collection systems.  Indeed, gone are those days when you take out your wallet to pay highway tolls while driving through the city suburbs. Today the latest technologies are adopted at the highway tolls for making the payment process fast and easy. With the help of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, toll payments are made directly while the vehicle is in motion. A device is affixed on the windscreen [...]

Posted On | 27-04-2022
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

Strengthen Compliance Framework to Avoid Hefty Regulatory Fines

British Airways has been slapped with a record fine of lump sum £183m for last year's information breach of 380,000 customers. This aviation giant has already met with an irrevocable reputation damage last year having confessed to a major information breach of thousands of passengers whose name, email address and credit card information (those who booked flights by using credit/ debit cards from British Airways’s website) were compromised by hackers. It was revealed that more than 380,000 card details were compromised due to this breach. Even after one year of the incident, it is still not clear how did the [...]

Posted On | 22-07-2019
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

Is your enterprise security compliant?

With mandatory GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliances already making its way to protect the personal data and digital assets of late, any kind of non-compliance could cost companies dearly. GDPR Compliance, already effective from May 2018, initiated some concerns from the organizations and expectations of the security department. The primary objective of GDPR is to protect all the citizens from privacy theft and data breaches in this data-driven world. There are many changes that have been made effective to the regulatory policies. The key GDPR standards had a large impact [...]

Posted On | 12-07-2018
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

Is your organization GDPR compliant?

The compliance landscape with regard to data security is getting more and more stringent. Come May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into an effect. The regulation would make it mandatory for organizations-- doesn’t matter large or small-- to protect, store and process data of EU citizens in a secure manner. The regulation will also be applicable to non- EU based organizations that process personal information of EU citizens. Failure to comply with several laws of GDPR that seek to address “Access Controls” “Data Processing” “Data storage” “Data Protection” and “Audit & Reporting” issues would lead to stiff [...]

Posted On | 22-02-2018
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

Managing Privileged Accounts to fulfill compliance requirements

The legal framework supporting cyber security is becoming increasingly stringent as modern day enterprises turn more digitized. Indeed, while digitization of business boosts operational efficiency, it also brings new advanced cyber risks that can compromise an enterprise’s IT systems, and confidential data. Every year, organizations -- big or small-- suffer insurmountable losses due to data breach. As data flows through multiple layers of IT infrastructure, any enterprise risks compromising critical business information, customer data, intellectual property from external or internal malefactors. Regulators now expect organizations to adhere to several compliance standards. Compliance frameworks such as PCI DSS, GDPR ,HIPAA explicitly [...]

Posted On | 08-02-2018
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

Online Banking Apps

About a year ago, a high-profile hacking incident at the U.K’s leading telecom operator Talk Talk, brought to the forefront many cyber security challenges faced by telecom companies across the world. The company, which suffered breach of personal and financial details of its 100,000 users-- not only had to bear the ire from clients as it spent about £35 million in response to investigations and class action lawsuits but its brand reputation alsotook a beating. According to World panel ComTech, TalkTalk’s market-share of new customers in the local market plunged 4.4% following the breach as hordes of customers stopped using [...]

Posted On | 02-10-2016
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

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