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Adopting Cloud Solutions: The Inherent Risk of Inadequate Skills

In one of our earlier Risks To Watch articles, we discussed how organizations face the risk of not accepting adequate and relevant security measures on time due to resistance from the end-users. On a similar subject, Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently expressed its views. The study highlights how the lack of cloud policy and the necessary skill set restrict organizations from adopting advanced and comprehensive cloud services.

According to this research, almost 63% of the employees in any organization feel the requirement for training in cloud-related skills to either serve the employer or progress in their own careers.

Is your organization capable of detecting a breach in a timely manner?

Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted Securing data assets from compromised elements is one of the most challenging tasks for IT security professionals. A growing number of data breaches is a testimony to the fact that malefactors can very easily target vulnerable gaps in IT infrastructure.  And this challenge is further aggravated […]

Edge Computing: Evolution, Benefits, and Security Risks

About Edge Computing  Real-time insights are the driving force behind the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI). That’s why edge computing, an extension of cloud computing, is being increasingly adopted by enterprises that have to navigate a large number of use cases for their mission-critical scenarios.   As the term suggests, edge computing provides the “edge” in […]

Another Password Breach, Another Lesson Learnt

Passwords are ubiquitous. In any digital ecosystem, passwords are the predominant authentication credentials to login to systems. As a result, password credentials are one of the most vulnerable forms of IT assets. Passwords are often the soft target for compromised corporate insiders and organized cyber criminals.  Against this backdrop, passwordless authentication is gaining prominence among […]

The Dangers of Cybersecurity Ignorance

The Context Young students at high schools, colleges, and universities are internet savvy, passionate about digitalization, and very particular about their online presence. The post-pandemic age has had a big impact on the lives and lifestyles of students. They got entangled with several advanced technologies while attending online classes during the pandemic, and the trend […]

Reluctant to Accept Security Measures? Your enterprise could be at Risk!

The Context Organizations are investing in new technologies vehemently to stay competitive. Cybersecurity is among the top priorities. And the adoption of the latest cybersecurity measures has increased significantly in recent years due to emerging IT use cases, resulting in the rapid adoption of cloud technologies. Subsequently, implementing an Identity Threat Detection and Response mechanism […]

Endpoint Security Revisited

Endpoint Security Revisited

Endpoint Security dominates the IT security concerns lately. Endpoint access anomalies—never taken into account before— surfaced all of a sudden due to the pandemic. The WFH scenario took everyone completely by surprise. Subsequently, protecting corporate data became a little more difficult. The end-users – out of the restricted on-prem periphery – use personal devices and […]

Five Musts to Mitigate Endpoint Vulnerability

Five Musts to Mitigate Endpoint Vulnerability

To enforce deeper granular controls over endpoints is critical nowadays. Remote work culture essentially means managing devices both within and outside the network. Endpoint governance and robust access control policies provide the key components to prevent endpoint vulnerabilities. In this article, we discuss some of the best IT practices in mitigating endpoint vulnerability. Endpoints Mapping […]

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