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Privileged Access Environment: How to avoid chaos?

Privileged Access Environment: How to avoid chaos?

A privileged access environment often reminds the IT community of a maze. In both instances, chances are high to get lost in the way. Consider a maze, when we enter it, we are confident to make it. However, with every move, and every turn we take, we invariably start to lose our way. We go […]

Malicious Insiders: The Biggest threat to Privileged accounts

Digital revolution– Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing– has helped improving IT operational efficiency, decision-making as well as return on investments (ROI). However, with every passing day, the types of IT threats are also getting complex and sophisticated. With the number of critical systems, databases, and applications increasing rapidly, the number of privileged users is simultaneously […]

How malicious activities around privileged accounts go undetected?

Structuring IT infrastructure in multiple layers of devices and applications brings many benefits. As we discussed earlier, multiple layers of devices allow flexibility in managing vendors and streamlines operations as firm can assign separate teams for overseeing each layer. Likewise, it helps in averting total system breakdown as there is no single point of failure. […]

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