Secure Data before it Goes Up for Sale

Data – the lifeline of any business organization, is under grave risk today due to numerous cyber security threats. Along with the rising number of threats, the nature of attacks is also getting sophisticated day by day. The cyber crooks are adopting advanced hacking techniques to steal sensitive data. Phishing, Ransomware, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, Insider sabotage, social engineering, Botnet, cyber espionage etc. are some of the most common ways used by malefactors to abuse data.

Indeed, today cyberspace has become a new grey market. Information – be it personal details, card details, social media passwords among many other forms of confidential data – sales in the web as data/confidential information is traded like a new commodity. In this data-driven age every organization possess and process a vast amount of data which is targeted by external/ internal malefactors.

A spate of recent incidents has brought to the forefront an urgent need for securing information assets.

Recently, a popular mobile App, that helps in identifying unknown mobile number details globally, allegedly suffered data theft of 140 million Indian users. Though the company denied this allegation, it has been found that the stolen data was sold in dark web for INR 1.5 lakhs which is equivalent to almost 2000 Euros. The price of global users went as high as 25000 Euros. Apart from this incident, a leading American service provider of title insurance and mortgage settlement services, leaked millions of title insurance records in the recent past. Almost 885 million files got exposed due to this breach and they were exposed to thousands of users who did not require any authentication to log in and access the information.

Data protection requires robust Information Security mechanism. With the number of digital identities rising exponentially in digitized era, it is imperative to lay a foundation for strong Identity & Access control systems and implement best privileged account practices. As organizations migrate IT workloads to IaaS platforms and manage data in distributed IT environments, controlling and monitoring IT users and privileged users is critical to protect data.

Most of the sensitive and confidential information in organizations are accessed through privileged accounts. Despite the proven fact that most of the data breach incidents happen due to compromise of privileged accounts, it is highly surprising that organizations are still not providing adequate security to protect data.

With Privileged Access Management, enterprise data receives a solid security shield, no matter where the data is stored, on-prem, in-cloud, MSP, or hybrid environments – enterprises can ensure data integrity as every access to critical systems is authorized, authenticated and documented.

The Bottom-line: To prevent critical business information from being stolen and sold in the open web space, it is highly imperative for global organizations to adopt adequate security measures. In addition to advanced perimeter controls, seamless monitoring and controlling of critical systems is a must to mitigate looming data breach threats.

ARCON is a leading enterprise risk control solutions provider, specializing in risk-predictive technologies. ARCON | User Behaviour Analytics enables to monitor end-user activities in real time. ARCON | Privileged Access Management reinforces access control and mitigates data breach threats. ARCON | Secure Compliance Management is a vulnerability assessment tool.


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