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Mismanagement of Endpoint Privileges: An invitation to data breach

Watch this video to know about the 5 mistakes that often lead to compromise of endpoints

Mismanagement of the endpoint privileges is one of the biggest sources of data theft. According to the latest Ponemon Institute report, almost 63% of IT security professionals agreed to the fact that their organizations fail to monitor their endpoints and 56% of organizations shockingly agreed that they do not have any comprehensive policy to manage and monitor their endpoints in the network periphery. Poor endpoint management not only leads to data theft but also creates ambiguity over access to business-critical applications.

In this video, ARCON has highlighted the top five mistakes that organizations overlook while managing endpoints in the enterprise network. These five mistakes are as follows:

No centralized policy: If there is no centralized policy framework in an organization, lots of ambiguities would prevail over the rules and roles of the end-users and the administrators to access critical business applications. Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM) ensures access control policies are created automatically by profiling the end-users’ roles.

No principle of least privilege: Organizations far too often fail to implement the principle of least privilege to ensure data integrity. The practice of just-in-time endpoint privileges can only help organizations to protect their applications from unauthorized access.

No privilege behavior analytics: Modern cyber threats like corporate espionage or data exfiltration are on rise exponentially. This happens majorly through suspicious end-users whose activities remain undetected for long. Organizations face imminent risks from these users if their behaviour analytics is not taken care of and they are not deprovisioned if found suspicious.

No fine-grained access control: Without any granular level control over privileged user access to business-critical applications, it is never possible for any organization to ensure data security or prevent malicious activities. If any user requires privileged rights at any specific time for specific hours, then the organization should ensure that the privileged rights are revoked after the task is accomplished. Otherwise, it would expand the threat vector.

No Data Loss Prevention (DLP) strategy: Unrecognized removable storage devices like USB or external hard disk can pose a threat to confidential business data. Malicious insiders target and compromise data assets easily if there is no endpoint security strategy like DLP in the organization.

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