Unmatched Attributes that Set ARCON | Privileged Access Management Solution Apart from Others


Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution is an absolute must for any organization looking to ensure data integrity and security while also fulfilling compliance requirements.

 A robust PAM solution offers all-around capabilities such as just-in-time access to target devices, privileged access threat analytics, session management and session recording, privileged elevation and delegation management (PEDM), and reporting, among other features. Nowadays, secrets management and cloud infrastructure and entitlement management (CIEM) are some of the advanced use cases that are supported by a mature PAM.

Nevertheless, it is important to always remember that any enterprise’s PAM initiatives can not produce optimal results and the desired level of security unless an organization maintains a good balance between people, processes, and policies. Indeed, implementing PAM is only the foundational step for constructing secure perimeter security. 

To a large extent, the effectiveness of PAM depends on how IT security and risk management teams build internal processes and policies to manage users and services that have privileges to access critical IT infrastructure. This is the one area that requires the utmost attention. 

However, there is another area where an organization’s PAM initiatives might go haywire. There can be budget overruns, a high total cost of ownership (TCO), and a lower return on investment (ROI) if the PAM solution has too many issues with its architecture. 

 Indeed, while choosing a Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution, some other factors like implementation tenure, infrastructural preparedness, and cost effectiveness also matter. Any SME or large enterprise can reap the benefits of implementing PAM only if the overall TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is low and the Return on Investment (ROI) is high.

And there are several factors that determine the effectiveness of a PAM project.

Sometimes the PAM architecture is so complex that adjacent integrations become a nightmare, increasing the total cost of ownership (TCO). In many cases, the UI and dashboards are so unfriendly to users that administrators always find it difficult to effectively administer the privileged users. 

ARCON PAM: The best-fit architecture for higher ROI and lower TCO 

ARCON’s major value proposition is providing an enterprise product with all cutting-edge features, a faster implementation time, and 24*7 support at the lowest cost of ownership for the client. That is possible because of our architecture, our modular approach, and our connector framework, which ensures smooth integrations, has the technical capabilities to integrate disparate technologies, and provides support for modern-day use cases like DevOps, Secrets management and RPAs.

ARCON has implemented its feature-rich and highly scalable PAM solution in some of the most complex IT environments that include telecom infrastructure, MSP environments, and critical infrastructure of large banking organizations.

What sets ARCON | PAM apart from others?

Technology architecture: ARCON’s architecture is such that it ensures high performance and scalability with minimal third-party and software requirements, keeping the TCO low. 

Scalability: Thanks to its scalability, an enterprise’s IT infrastructure and security team can seamlessly add new resources to their infrastructure. In other words, the solution is not resource-hungry and does not require significant investments from an IT infrastructure perspective. 

Support for hybrid architectures: The demand for cloud-delivered PAM solutions is on the rise as enterprises look for efficiency gains. However, the complete migration of legacy applications and mission-critical applications to the cloud is not always the case. Both on-premise and cloud infrastructure are realities. Therefore, we offer a solution that supports hybrid architectures with our broad set of connectors to manage legacy applications and cloud infrastructure simultaneously.

Out-of-the-box integrations: ARCON has the biggest stack of connector frameworks to support both third-party tools’ integrations and quick deployments. Additionally, we can provide connectors built on-the-fly, if required, ensuring swift deployment. 

Administrative ease and higher ROI: While the architecture itself is the best fit, customers are always happy with the higher ROI. The solution provides an intuitive workflow matrix and a very friendly user experience. Comprehensive visibility over privileged access environments, fulfillment of compliance requirements, customer data privacy, and a strong review mechanism all make ARCON a solution that ensures administrative ease, resulting in a higher ROI.


Modern organizations with complex IT infrastructure always search for a PAM tool that can offer robust security features and is easy to deploy. It is always challenging for IT security and risk management leaders to choose the right, relevant, and effective PAM tool that can map their requirements and offer the best solution. ARCON | PAM solution’s robust and unmatched security and compliance features, along with its best-fit architecture, put it ahead of the competition globally.


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