Adopt Best Practices to Navigate through the Maze of Privileged Access Management

There has been a rapid expansion in the privileged access management (PAM) environment. As more and more organizations adopt cloud computing, virtualization, automation among many other agile practices such as DevOps and microservices, a higher number of privileged accounts are being created to protect classified and sensitive business information. 

However, managing and controlling the ever-expanding privileged access environment is practically impossible without proper access control mechanisms in place. Privileged access challenges and ambiguity over user roles along with access control policies increase dramatically as the ever- expanding IT infra turns into a maze for infosec teams. 

Infosec teams, however, can build a robust privileged access management framework by adopting the best practices in privileged access management. When implemented effectively, these practices enforce adequate controls around people, policies and procedures whilst enable organizations to comply with the regulatory guidelines. Implementing the best practices in PAM invariably helps in fulfilling the regulatory requirements that centres around identities, data privacy and integrity including third-party monitoring. 

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