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Case Study – Financial Conglomerate



Our client, a financial conglomerate, offers some of the most competent solutions to their clients in the fixed income securities segment. They also offer a wide spectrum of services in the Debt Capital Market, Broking and Distribution, Advisory, Retirement Trust Solutions, Project Financing, Wealth management and more.

Changing business and IT use-cases along with digital transformation has meant that Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions need to have an enhanced set of features to mitigate the inherent risks associated with identities and access control. It mainly revolves around Insider threats, third-party threats and advanced cyber-threats.

Our Client has a distributed data center architecture spread across two metros: Mumbai and Delhi. Their critical servers were spread across the two locations and these servers were accessed by a large number of identities. Our client wanted to ensure that every privileged access to target systems was managed, monitored and audited. For this, a robust PAM solution was required.

Download this case study to know how ARCON | PAM helped our Client to have:

● Policies, processes and procedures around privileged users
● An ability to track, secure, govern and audit privileged users
● Best practices in Privileged Access Management to comply with a host of IT standards and regulations

Download the case study:

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