One of the largest dairy processors and suppliers from Africa secures its multiple data centers with ARCON | PAM



Our client is one of the largest milk processors and suppliers operating in more than 12 countries in Africa. Our client stores a large volume of data records related to day-to-day dairy operations spread over multiple data centers, resulting in higher risks of cyber and insider attacks.

In order to manage and secure such critical information assets from any unauthorized access, our Client, who has multiple systems and privileged accounts, wanted a robust mechanism to protect business data.


Insider threats: What are those threats? Who is the malefactor?


Earlier, critical devices were accessed by numerous privileged users on a daily basis to ensure day-to-day operations. Another cause for concern was that the privileged passwords were managed by an internal IT team and it was not automated. There was no mechanism to detect and block outside access in the internal servers nor logs maintained for every privileged activity for auditing purposes.

Hence, there was a dire need for a robust Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution.

Download this case study to know how ARCON | PAM helped our client to meet every security requirement around privileged accounts such as:

  • Stringent Password Management
  • Robust Access Control
  • Text & Video logs
  • Audit Trails
  • Compliance


Download the case study:

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