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File Integrity Monitoring

ARCON | File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

Infrastructural changes in the enterprise IT environment are unavoidable. Continuous additions and alterations of new users, devices, and servers put organizational IT security at risk. 

In this context, File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), has become a critical component of endpoint security. Now being mandated by multiple global regulatory standards, File Integrity Monitoring continuously assesses the changes or transitions happening in the enterprise network, especially to the critical file servers, devices, important applications, or other IT systems; ensuring that organizations follow best practices to maintain data integrity, security, and privacy.

With ARCON | File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), organizations can track unauthorized changes in configurations and system files made on the user device in real time and roll back the file history if necessary. 

Key Features of ARCON | FIM:

  • An automated process that ensures continuous verification of any system file against baseline configuration
  • Enable IT administrators to know the access details of each file accessed by an IT user with File Access Report and to understand access patterns, access reasons and the context behind the access
  • Automated report generation providing an assessment of the validity of changes
  • Customizable and Downloadable reports allowing organizations a holistic and detailed analysis file access
  • Seamlessly integrate with any SIEM solution to ensure total monitoring

ARCON is a globally recognized Identity-As-A-Service provider with a wealth of experience in risk management and continuous risk assessment tools. Our award-winning solutions portfolio includes our Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution along with Identity and Access Management (IAM), Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM), and Cloud Governance (CIEM), among others. Our world-class training, deployment, and support help organizations optimize their experience with our solutions right from the procurement stage and configure our solutions to match all challenges to support growth and scalability.


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