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Confidential enterprise data deserves the utmost security in day-to-day IT operations. The need to protect it becomes all the more important if critical files are not stored in Privileged Access Management monitored servers. If critical documents like accounting sheets, business contracts, marketing plans/ presentations, certifications, training records, sensitive business data among other forms of confidential information are not stored or transmitted in a secure manner, malicious actors might exploit the security loopholes. Hence, ARCON | PAM has designed a feature, My Vault, which is a centralized critical data storage repository. My Vault mitigates threats arising from shared drives, excel spreadsheets and hard copies.

ARCON | PAM My Vault is a robust security tool that offers secure access to confidential business information for a specified period. It is a safe storage house to ensure day-to-day IT administrative tasks. All these data files are stored in an encrypted format and are by-default deleted after a predefined period. It enables the principle of ‘Least Privilege’ and allows the IT administrators to control user access by giving them privileged access to My Vault.


  • Allows users to securely upload/ share crucial data
  • All critical files are hosted for a designated amount of time
  • Allows data encryption and the data files are accessed with granular level control
  • Enables the principle of ‘Least Privilege’ where the users automatically route files from My Vault to a target server without creating privileged entitlements for each server
  • Ensures data confidentiality and standard security compliances

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