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The global economy is steering towards an ominous bleak future, thanks to the recent outbreak of deadly Covid-19. In this backdrop, large and mid-scale organizations are toiling hard to find out strategic ways to combat the situation without hindering the business continuity. While most of the organizations, irrespective of industry, are left with no choice but Work-From-Home option, they are striving for the best possible precautionary measures to tackle emerging cyber threats that are already escalating uncontrollably.

While the employees’ health is taken into consideration, there are prominent chances of organizations to give seldom attention to the security health of the IT infrastructure. If the organizations are oblivious about their remote workforce and how the confidential information is handled by the end-users, then serious cyber crimes like data breach, data exfiltration, unauthorized access, password abuse can occur inevitably.

ARCON | Privileged Access Management (PAM) with the help of it’s robust Remote Access Control can help the IT support team to provide seamless desktop support for the employees. This exclusive feature enables the administrator to manage and control any on-boarded desktop from any remote location. ARCON Remote Access ensures comprehensive security with these functionalities:

  • Unified Governance Framework
  • User Restriction and Real-time monitoring
  • SSO access to elevate privileges
  • Secure VPN-less connection
  • Knight Analytics

In this whitepaper on Remote Access, ARCON explains why this solution is so crucial for the current WFH (Work From Home) model and manages, controls and monitors remote IT users.

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