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KuppingerCole Report – Whitepaper

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Privileged Access Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) enabled Privileged Access Management suite can improve the overall cybersecurity posture of an organization. ARCON Knight Analytics is based on Machine Learning (ML) and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze enterprise data. This robust tool helps the security and risk assessment team to make better-informed decisions basis on the privilege given and activities being performed by them.

As the pace of digitalization accelerates, the number of privileged accounts will multiply in an organization’s IT ecosystem. Privileged Accounts are no longer confined to usual data center activities but have grown into other areas like –

  • Confidential HR records
  • Financial records
  • Clients Data
  • Other Critical Business Applications
  • To the above we can add
        • Social Media access
        • Cloud Resources
        • DevOps
        • Containerization
        • Virtual Machines etc. The list can go on.

    This complex scenario coupled with anomalous user behavior can definitely expose organization’s rule-based authentication and confidential data without a strong partner and product managing the same for the Organization.

    In this Whitepaper, KuppingerCole analyst, Paul Fisher explains why understanding the user behavioral patterns is as important as verifying identity for ensuring adequate safeguards against the risks that are put above. This paper also highlights how ARCON’s Knight Analytics uses a neural network based on its Predict Protect and Prevent philosophy to mitigate data breach threats.

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