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Protect Social Media Applications from Access Control vulnerabilities

Protect Social Media Applications from Access Control vulnerabilities |ARCON Whitepaper

Social media applications are prized-assets for today’s organizations. However, misuse or abuse of social media applications can be equally devastating for an organization. For instance, uncontrolled access to corporate social media applications or their credentials/password theft can inflict heavy damage.

For social media applications’ security, the security team need to ensure:

  • Is there an access control management to secure corporate social media applications?
  • Are passwords frequently changed?
  • Are there proper controls and policy enforcements in an outsourced digital marketing agency?
  • Are shared credentials being used by admins and mutual access permitted for corporate social media accounts?

The major challenges to ensure security of corporate social media accounts are:

  • Lack of centralized governance framework
  • Casual attitude towards ensuring end-user visibility
  • Outsourced social media services

This whitepaper also explains how:

  1. ARCON’s robust access control solutions help in securing corporate social media applications with the help of centralized policy enforcement for social media administrators.
  2. ARCON Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) ensures endpoint privilege elevation on-demand and password changes for social media applications respectively.

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