Ensure IT Administrative efficiency with ARCON | Remote Assist

ARCON | Remote Assist Solution

The IT administrator is responsible for various aspects of IT management. The daily schedule of the IT admin is invariably overloaded with routine tasks that include checking the system configurations, IT security and operational activities.

On top of that, the IT administrator is responsible for providing troubleshooting to the end-users. It is not an easy task, considering the number of end-users’ issues and IT admins’ responsibilities. Just imagine how difficult it would be for the IT administrator to attend one request after another.

As striking a balance between attending end-users’ requests and routine IT activities is difficult, there is a danger of process backlogs. This in turn, results in IT inefficiencies.

Five Major Pitfalls to Privileged Access due to Remote Work Culture/

To address this challenge, ARCON has developed a robust solution: Remote Assist.

ARCON | Remote Assist is an effective IT solution that enables the administrators to manage any on-boarded desktop either remotely or in the network. The solution enables the IT admins to troubleshoot any machine within and outside the network.

Furthermore, the solution enables the administrators to elevate admin rights, privileges, change passwords, resolve access-related tasks for the end-users in a controlled environment.

Thus, ARCON | Remote Assist ensures a timely resolution of desktops’ problems, and there are no process backlogs whilst ensuring productivity enhancements.


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