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Telecom Whitepaper

Organizations from telecommunication industry are increasingly facing challenges in managing privileged identities. In fact, challenges faced by Core Telecom Network Infrastructure are similar to IT Infrastructure except that they may be far more complex considering the ever-changing technology landscape from (2G to 5G) and a large number of devices/equipment. The complexities increase especially as the network operations are outsourced to third-party service providers. Telecommunication companies now provide several offerings from voice, data, banking to content and the network carries financial transactions worth trillions of dollars. These companies have millions of customers in each country in some cases the majority population is on-boarded as customers, this makes them a high priority target for cybercriminals.

All over the world Department of Telecommunication and/or the telecom regulators have issued mandatory network security guidelines and are imposing stringent penalties for violation of these guidelines as the telecom networks are critical infrastructure for any country.
This whitepaper attempts to capture the high-level challenges in managing the privileged identities and also offers solutions and best practices for Privilege Account Management for the telecom network devices and the entire

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