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Visibility Whitepaper

Digital identities are spiraling amid expanding Information System networks. These identities are not just confined to traditional on-prem data centre periphery. They are ubiquitous as data is managed in silos, distributed environments and migrated to managed service and virtual environments. Therefore, IT visibility is critical to detect always looming threats and vulnerabilities arising from suspicious identity profiles.

Today risks associated with identities are contextual. A suspicious identity behaves differently in different environments: on-prem data centre, home, cafe or other locations. Therefore, for any IT security framework to be effective, predicting risks arising out of anomalous fragmented identities and mitigating those on real-time basis is critical.


Enterprise risks increase when there is lack of well-established security mechanism and organizations cannot detect, predict and display evolving threats, attack patterns, and risky patterns

Visibility is one of the most crucial components to keep the robustness of identity security.

In the whitepaper, ‘Changing operational dynamics in the pandemic and thereafter: The Four Building Blocks to reinforce the inner IT periphery’ ARCON explains how its robust stack of products helps enterprises to understand the What, How, Who and When of identities. By obtaining enough visibility of an identity, enterprise security and risk assessment teams can mitigate risks emanating from malicious insiders.

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