Be mindful of your online footprints

Those powerful sets of algorithms coded by search engine and social media giants have made human interaction on internet more purposeful and fruitful. Plan a holiday in remote foothills of Himalayas or sunny beaches in Spain or surf online any popular clothing retail chain, chances are high that your next browsing session would be packed with an information overflow on holidays destinations that we plan to explore or best offers we can get from a list of apparel collections.

From best deals on flight reservations to an extensive list of accommodation choices, these sets of codes offer us judicious suggestions, which in turn, allows user to make better travel plans or get that funky piece of clothing at a reasonable price at his/her doorstep. It also allows advertisers to extract the most out of every dollar they spend on online marketing as ads reach the targeted audience. A win-win situation for everyone! It empowers everybody.

However, the ongoing digital revolution also leaves us vulnerable in this information age as these powerful tools process our personal and private information.

We are relatively safe when this prevailing mean to map user behavior keeps a tab on our browsing patterns, but the threat level increases if our critical data is exposed to misuse at a time when we are no more custodians of digital assets in the era of big data analytics.

Indeed, amid rapidly rising world of big data where many new-age companies are thriving selling information on credit card purchases and app downloads to financial industry, data security becomes the topmost concern. That fear is reasonable given that there is always a likelihood many big data sellers might unintentionally fail to wipe off critical personal information before it is passed on to asset or fund managers who rely heavily on skimming data to make sound investment decisions. It could wreak havoc if any important piece of information ends up in a morally wrong hands in the entire chain of data selling business.

The bottom line: As our lives become increasingly transformed by ongoing digital revolution, our online footprint will need a closer look. Any negligence here could result in reputational or financial loss. Small measures can prevent us from a possible disaster. For example; be careful of what you download. Always verify the download source. When storing data on cloud, administer your data ideally by using a password vault and two-factor authentication signup process. Companies, likewise, should strengthen identity and access control systems, especially privileged accounts, to ensure data security. In most cases, compromised privileged accounts lead to data and identity thefts.

In addition, the authorities that govern the legal framework supporting cyber security should ensure unambiguous data security and privacy policies.

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