How to Ensure Robust Compliance and IT Audits?

How to Ensure Robust Compliance and IT Audits? | Risks To Watch | ARCON

Enterprise IT vulnerability assessment in a timely manner is one of the basic requirements to ensure a robust IT security framework. And IT audits and compliance help the IT Risk Management and Compliance team to identify and assess underlying IT vulnerabilities.

Yet, far too often organizations commit a mistake of manually conducting compliance and audit checks. IT audits and compliance are integral parts of any IT process. These IT processes are necessary to fulfill the regulatory mandates. It is always advisable to deploy an automated solution that can assess vulnerabilities in real-time.

ARCON | Security Compliance Management, the automated vulnerability assessment solution, mitigates risks arising from manual IT audits.


Audit and Compliance: A Case for Security Compliance Management (SCM)

Disparate IT devices and too little time to assess vulnerabilities: Not all but many organizations depend on manual processes to conduct tests and assess security vulnerabilities. No need to mention that it is severely time-consuming. Organizations might suffer malicious activities in the enterprise network by the time the IT risk assessment team identifies the loopholes.

The dynamic and wide-spread technology implementation in the enterprises restricts the IT risk management and compliance teams. As a result, they fail to attain 100% reduction in risks across technology platforms. They complexities increase further due to the BYOD culture.

 The best approach for it is to adopt a risk reduction strategy by implementing a relevant solution. SCM allows an organization to prioritize each and every security level and compliance efforts based on the extent of risk.

No Audit before the Audit (Zero Automation): There is a tendency among many organizations to give ‘excuses’ for ‘on-going’ audits and keep other functional necessities in the back-burner. The absence of vulnerability assessment tools like SCM forces organizations to conduct time-consuming, tedious and risky manual audits.

SCM automates audit procedures in enterprises before the actual audit takes place. The IT infrastructural and security measures for compliance and non-compliance build the foundation of audit and SCM ensures that.


ARCON Security Compliance Management for robust Compliance and IT Audits

ARCON| Security Compliance Management (SCM) is a risk, security and information management tool for automated risk assessment and analysis. It provides a central repository of all IT risks and associated controls. It automates information flow for risk assessments and provides necessary actions to be initiated as well.


Here are some key features of ARCON | SCM:

Vulnerability Control: Provides the security measures and technical configurations that are incorporated at the enterprise level and applied to individual IT elements.

Automatic Risk Review: Automates the entire risk assessment process, manages execution and generates detailed review documentation of IT risk factors.

Exception Management: Comes with a built-in capability to provide assessment vulnerabilities for over 3000+ controls. Thus, it improves the overall IT visibility to the open risks using a closed exception management workflow.

Baseline Configuration: Provides an overall view of the most baseline policies with descriptive key risks and includes built-in integration of all the asset policies from risk management perspective.

Live Dashboard: Provides a real-time view through dash-boarding and offers a comprehensive reporting mechanism.


The bottom-line

“With great power comes great responsibility” – it is not just a proverb, but it signifies organizations’ IT goals. By deploying a solution such as ARCON | SCM, enterprises can ensure robust IT audits and compliance framework.

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