IPhone Vulnerability: What the Incident Taught Us?

Cyber security is one of the biggest challenges for global organizations. Equipped with advanced tools, cyber criminals are increasingly targeting firms’ IT systems, which in spite of higher infrastructure budgeting, remain vulnerable even at the slightest of security gaps.

Security breaches—be it an identity indentity theft or denial-of-service assault— result in unfathomable losses. Indeed, financial implications arising from data breaches, the subsequent loss of productivity, and the regulatory penalties, could wreak havoc in a company.

Likewise, in the era of increasing usage of smartphones, we are constantly under threat from malicious activities. Take for instance; the recent episode involving the iPhone. Its users got startled after a report surfaced that the devices were highly susceptible to hacking. Researchers at San Francisco based mobile-security firm, Lookout and Canada based Citizen Lab highlighted three flaws in the iOS software, which exposed iPhones to snooping.

An activist, Ahmed Mansoor, based out of United Arab Emirates brought the issue to the forefront. He pointed out a serious security flaw in Iphone. Ahmed got a text message with a link. Had he clicked on that link, it could have turned into a disaster as hackers might have gained a complete control over the device. The device, once infected, might have acted as a spy, keeping a close tab on every activity of the user and logs, researchers warned.

Hassled due to the security flaws, Apple immediately released iOS updates to ‘patch’ vulnerabilities. The tech giant was later applauded for its immediate response. However, there are some important lessons we could learn from this incident.

You see, vendors typically make certain that solutions they develop are foolproof. Still, in the era of increasing web connectivity, a cyber-attack on IT systems cannot be necessarily contained as hackers are capable to exploit the slightest of security gaps.

To overcome this vulnerability, software developers often release latest security updates and features. However, our unawareness or failures to address vulnerabilities by implementing remedial measures when needed often result in adverse consequences.

In a nutshell, if you learn about any vulnerability in your devices, immediately rectify it.

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