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enhanced identity governance framework

The proliferation of machine identities necessitates enhanced identity governance framework. It would be fair to say that our digital ecosystem is ever-evolving. Technology advancements, IT innovations and automation have paved the way for increasing use of machine identities (non-human identities) for day-to-day operations.

Indeed, machine identities outpaces human identities due to emerging use-cases. Consider this: Digital organizations increasingly adopt Secrets Management, Robotics, IoTs among other practices.

Machine identity-based environments invariably are fast-paced. Resultantly, it leads to the creation of a large number of machine identities in a short span of time. Therefore, we say high-velocity machine identities.

However, machine identities need to be governed and controlled both from a security and compliance perspective. Just like the end-user identities that interact with endpoints, IT infrastructure and applications, the machine identities grant access to dynamic environments.

A blip in the machine identity access control environment could prove fatal to the digital transformation journey.

Therefore, all the critical access control components applicable to safeguard digital human identities are equally important for non-human identities. Authentication as well as managing the life-cycle of machine identities forms the basis of a robust machine identity governance framework.


Navigating machine identity use-cases is made easy with ARCON | PAM

Managing machine identities nowadays represents a Privileged Access Management function (PAM). Machine identities conduct privileged/elevated IT tasks. That means, evolving Privileged Access Management use-cases are much more than managing admin and root level access.

Therefore, a modern-day PAM needs to be enriched with capabilities required to manage and control machine identities.

ARCON Digital PAM is a discrete PAM solution for non-human Identities. Built on the enterprise PAM platform, the Digital PAM, which includes a digital vault to manage secrets; authenticates and offers controlled access to machine privileged-IDs.

Please download ARCON | PAM Brochure to learn how our enhanced solution supports access control in machine-identity environments


The bottom-line

Fast-paced machine identity environment requires a well-defined and controlled access control mechanism to address emerging use-case challenges. ARCON Digital PAM offers digital organizations all the necessary access controls.

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