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Privileged Access: Detecting the Blind Spots - Risks to Watch - ARCON
Privileged Access: Detecting the Blind Spots

Managing Privileged Access — is it a simple or complex task? Some readers may say a simple task, while probably many among us would argue that the question itself is vague. Vague in the sense that the privileged access environment is never static. The privileged access environment continuously evolves, so do the complexities associated with managing privileged users. And the higher the complexity, the higher the possibility of having blind spots in the privileged access environment. The privileged access management would fail to produce the desired level of efficacy if these blind spots remain overlooked. Why should your organization invest [...]

Posted On | 28-05-2021
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

Agility, Innovation and Access Control

The cloud-first approach is gaining prominence among the IT heads. Operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness are the obvious components that make the difference between traditional on-prem and public cloud data-centre architectures. In addition, there is a range of services, tools and infrastructure offered by cloud platforms to foster innovation. Take, for example, microservices, big data analytics, container platforms, and Continuous Delivery and Release Automation. Overcoming Privileged Access Control Challenge in Cloud Environments with ARCON | PAM  These emerging technologies have transformed the applications development process. Building applications is now easier, faster and cheaper than before. And the developers can build [...]

Posted On | 16-04-2021
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

Excessive Standing Privileges: A gateway to IT disaster

Organizations adopt privileged access security practices with a well-defined framework as to people and policies to ensure restricted access to privileged accounts. Privileged accounts have elevated access to confidential information stored in systems and business-critical applications. Nevertheless, organizations make one huge mistake, very often… far too many standing privileges are created. This practice often leads to data breaches, abuse or misuse of business data because by giving excessive standing privileges, organizations are essentially ignoring the concept of the ‘least privilege’. To mitigate the threat of excessive standing privileges -- in addition to a rule and role-based granular control access policy, [...]

Posted On | 26-06-2020
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

Some Common Mistakes Leading to Privileged Access Misuse

In the age of digitization, while organizations are busy with the digital transformation, cyber crooks take this as an opportunity to look out for loopholes in the security of IT infrastructure and exploit them to steal as much information as possible. The administrative IDs and privileged credentials are the most vulnerable among all. Organizations very often put their data into grave risks by allowing multiple users including third-party service providers access privileged accounts and administrative accounts without any kind of monitoring mechanism. This gives ample opportunity to the cyber crooks to peep into the system and exploit the loopholes. Here [...]

Posted On | 30-08-2019
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

Strengthen Access Control Mechanism to Mitigate Third Party Risks

Banks continue to be the most targeted organizations by data-greedy hackers in this digital economy. While several reports show that the compliance framework among European organizations is still not up to the mark post-implementation of the GDPR -- a period that witnessed several data breach incidents, another breach incident has raised a fresh question on the security measures adopted by the Banking industry in the region. Despite the stringency of EU GDPR standards, it is shocking to come across this incident mostly due to the lackadaisical attitude towards access control mechanism. The data-heist in European Central Bank (ECB) a few [...]

Posted On | 23-08-2019
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

Is your organization controlling access to critical systems?

In the wake of numerous incidents involving abuse of privileged credentials and data breach, organizations are looking for more robust technology that could monitor privileged user activities in real-time and at the same time protect the critical business information from malicious actors. While robust validation mechanism helps in building the foundation for best privileged practices, it is by no means a complete answer to mitigate privileged account abuse. With the help of two scenarios, let us understand why controlling IT users’ access to critical systems is important. Scenario 1 An organization with a typical large IT set-up has hundreds of [...]

Posted On | 24-05-2019
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

The awakening of IT security boom in Africa

The abundance of cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT)are driving massive growth in IT opportunities in Africa off late. The IT sector in South Africa is expected to reach R175 billion by 2022, at a 5-year compounded annual growth rate of 4.25%, according to the IDC’s latest Economic Impact Model report. Not only that, the gradual increase in the adoption of cloud services is expected to create numerous job opportunities too in Africa region. After TechCentral suffered massive data breach losing the control of almost 60 million user data (mostly South African citizens) during March 2017, [...]

Posted On | 13-06-2018
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

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