Agility, Innovation and Access Control


The cloud-first approach is gaining prominence among the IT heads. Operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness are the obvious components that make the difference between traditional on-prem and public cloud data-centre architectures.

In addition, there is a range of services, tools and infrastructure offered by cloud platforms to foster innovation. Take, for example, microservices, big data analytics, container platforms, and Continuous Delivery and Release Automation.

Overcoming Privileged Access Control Challenge in Cloud Environments with ARCON | PAM

These emerging technologies have transformed the applications development process. Building applications is now easier, faster and cheaper than before. And the developers can build applications and deploy it on any environment, on-scale.

However, the cloud-first approach will be half-baked if it is devoid of adequate access control mechanisms.

Take, for example, DevOps engineering. There is a theoretical view that knowledge-sharing, expertise, and exchangeable ideas make DevOps an agile development methodology. Nevertheless, it also means that members of the DevOps team will have a complete control over the tool-chains.

Moreover, uncontrolled and unmonitored access to DevOps tool-chains is against the principles of role and rule-based access control. What if any team member takes advantage of the non-segregation of duties and misuses the confidential information?

Therefore, it is always advisable to have a tight access control in any environment. The IT security teams must tread a fine balance between agility, innovation and access to information.

And that’s why ARCON Privileged Access Management (PAM) plays an important role in ensuring that your cloud-first strategy is a success.

The ARCON | PAM offers all important attributes to enforce segregation of duties including automated management and vaulting of credentials.

My Vault, an element of ARCON | PAM and cloud-native application, has all advanced attributes such as on-boarding of user groups, workflow matrix, just-in-time access to secrets, keys and certificates.

Please read this executive view on how ARCON | PAM SaaS offers comprehensive access control environment and supports your cloud-first strategy.


The bottom-line

A gamut of emerging technologies promises agile development methodologies and faster innovation. However, the access control security is a critical component to ensure the digital transformation.

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