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Endpoint Security: A tactical priority

Endpoint Security: A tactical priority | RIsks To Watch | ARCON

Endpoint security is as important as identity governance and access management Information security receives significant focus these days. Amid increase in cyber-attacks, notably on endpoints, there is an urgent need to build a secure and reliable IT framework. Identity and Access Management (IAM) and cloud identity governance, several studies show, receive maximum IT security spending […]

Ready to Navigate New IT Use-cases?

enhanced identity governance framework

The proliferation of machine identities necessitates enhanced identity governance framework. It would be fair to say that our digital ecosystem is ever-evolving. Technology advancements, IT innovations and automation have paved the way for increasing use of machine identities (non-human identities) for day-to-day operations. Indeed, machine identities outpaces human identities due to emerging use-cases. Consider this: […]

What could fail SaaS adoption?

October 27, 2020 | Identity Governance, Applications The pace of SaaS adoption has increased remarkably in the recent past. A faster implementation process and a significant reduction in operational expenses for enterprises have driven the demand for SaaS applications across the spectrum. However, in the backdrop of proliferating SaaS applications in IT environments that range […]

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