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Endpoint Security: A tactical priority | RIsks To Watch | ARCON
Endpoint Security: A tactical priority

Endpoint security is as important as identity governance and access management Information security receives significant focus these days. Amid increase in cyber-attacks, notably on endpoints, there is an urgent need to build a secure and reliable IT framework. Identity and Access Management (IAM) and cloud identity governance, several studies show, receive maximum IT security spending budgets. Fair enough, reinforcing identity governance optimizes IT resources. However, the endpoint security is not very far away in the info-sec spending priority list. The sudden need to reinforce the endpoint security arises from the fact a large number of attacks originate from endpoints. An [...]

Posted On | 30-07-2021
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

enhanced identity governance framework
Ready to Navigate New IT Use-cases?

The proliferation of machine identities necessitates enhanced identity governance framework. It would be fair to say that our digital ecosystem is ever-evolving. Technology advancements, IT innovations and automation have paved the way for increasing use of machine identities (non-human identities) for day-to-day operations. Indeed, machine identities outpaces human identities due to emerging use-cases. Consider this: Digital organizations increasingly adopt Secrets Management, Robotics, IoTs among other practices. Machine identity-based environments invariably are fast-paced. Resultantly, it leads to the creation of a large number of machine identities in a short span of time. Therefore, we say high-velocity machine identities. However, machine identities [...]

Posted On | 14-05-2021
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

What could fail SaaS adoption?

October 27, 2020 | Identity Governance, Applications The pace of SaaS adoption has increased remarkably in the recent past. A faster implementation process and a significant reduction in operational expenses for enterprises have driven the demand for SaaS applications across the spectrum. However, in the backdrop of proliferating SaaS applications in IT environments that range from CRMs to HR applications and from accounting software to ERMs, the inherent risks associated with access control have also multiplied. Indeed, unlike on-prem data-centers where traditionally large enterprises have unambiguous policies as to people and process including a pre-defined set of rules to control [...]

Posted On | 27-10-2020
Privileged Accounts, Data Breach

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